TMJ Care

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A Closer Look at TMJ-Related Issues

The TMJ is best understood if you consider that it is similar to any other joint in the body - the knee, hip, elbow, etc.  It is a non weight bearing joint that typically gets damaged from physical trauma.  Trauma includes any injuries, major or minor, that may occur from the time you are born.  Even controlled situations like surgery with a breathing tube, extraction of wisdom teeth, and removal of tonsils can result in damage to the TMJ.  

While many individuals may have TMD not all are aware of it.  For others, TMD results in persistent headaches, migraines, jaw pain, TMJ pain, earaches, facial pain, neck pain and other painful symptoms.  If you have ever noticed your jaw popping or locking and you are also experiencing facial pain of any kind, then it may be time to be evaluated for TMD.


Unlocking TMJ Relief

If you’re experiencing TMJ discomfort, which might manifest as jaw tightness, teeth showing signs of wear, cracks, or breakage, jaw-related noises like clicking or popping, challenges in jaw movement, or even tension and migraine headaches, we’re here to offer our assistance. If you’re dealing with unexplained tooth pain or notice changes in your bite alignment, it’s crucial to let us assess your condition. Our goal is to determine if gentle, minimally invasive TMJ treatment can be applied to restore your health and ensure proper functionality.

We identify the primary culprits behind your pain and employ conservative, non-surgical, reversible methods to locate and address the layers of discomfort and get you on the path to a life without facial pain.

Utilizing Advanced Imaging

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